Why choose uPVC Windows

uPVC stands for un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride – a stable, hardwearing polymer which has been used in the construction of doors and windows since the 1960’s. It has excellent thermal, acoustic and mechanical properties which are ideally suited to the fabrication of high performance and very low maintenance window and door products The New Look Collection windows and doors are manufactured using uPVC profiles from REHAU AG & Co. (Germany). REHAU are the leading supplier of uPVC products worldwide and are renowned for high quality, innovation and technical excellence.

  • Energy Saving

uPVC windows and doors have high thermal insulation properties. Our modern multi-chamber profile systems allow us to create products which out perform the traditional aluminium, steel or timber alternatives. The southern African climate is harsh, and energy costs are continually rising at a rapid rate. The New Look Collection range of products gives you the means to control the temperature of your property with the minimum of wasted energy.

  • Durability

REHAU profiles have been designed specifically for our harsh climate and contain an ultraviolet inhibitor ensuring the windows remain colour fast. uPVC frames do not rot, rust or corrode and never need painting or staining. As they do not absorb moisture – they will not warp, twist or split. In coastal areas the benefits of uPVC windows and doors are particularly noticeable when compared to the rapid deterioration of other materials. The New Look Collection windows and doors look after you, not the other way around!

  • Insulation

uPVC frames have high thermal and acoustic insulation qualities. Double seals are used between the sash and the frame ensuring excellent weatherproofing. Thermal and acoustic performance can further be enhanced by the use of double glazed units.

  • Security

uPVC windows and doors are extremely strong, and offer the option of fitting modern European multi-point locking systems making them highly burglar resistant.

  • Cost Effective

uPVC windows and doors are both long lasting and virtually maintenance free, making them the most cost-effective option material.

Green Tip

REHAU’s uPVC window and door profiles are recyclable. REHAU collects all waste and regrinds the PVC to make other products